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°All mah Drawings are placed here and are made by me unless stated otherwise in the Descriptions of the picture. Some are Digital and Some are Traditional. I do love to do both.

°Please DO NOT Ask randomly for Comms, Requests, Ats or shiz on my drawings...that'll annoy me, and i hate to be annoyed -_-.

°I will not get pissed at one word comments, but please at least try not to do so.

°i do Vent and Rant off and on, need to get something's out quq.

°i have complete variety of artsy works here and practice so ye. >3<

.:Art Status:.


Set 1 - PCsClosed by SleeplessSeptemberSet 1 - ATsHold by SleeplessSeptemberSet 1 - RQsFriends by SleeplessSeptemberSet 1 - CollabsAsk by SleeplessSeptemberSet 1 - GiftsFriends by SleeplessSeptember ((These sometimes do change overtime, depending how i feel))


Noly Plz Stop. by larsfangirl1979Noly Plz Stop. by larsfangirl1979
:iconpink-fplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-vplz: :iconpink-splz: :iconfavplz:

Awesome Favorites From Awesome Artists!!


Hewwo peeps,

Just giving everyone a heads up that i might hold off on digital stuff for minute probably

Due to that my tablet charger blew out, again and my surface RT chargers only last for a good while unlike other of Microsoft's product i guess they dont give a hoot about them anymore s bleh,, so i cant use it right now,

I want to post more sketches and edit other deviations as soon as i figure out if my scanner still works so i can do it that way cause i want to start using it, that will the substitute for my digi art

Just letting everyone know im not on a hiatus, i tend to do that randomly anyway qwq
OPEN Collab: Oh Lawd A Fahr by SapphireShoelacesXD
OPEN Collab: Oh Lawd A Fahr
*Niya does a thing with overused meme and gives no pints of shizza at all*

Rules are within the collab. pretty straight forward, acts like any other collab you've ever used..
Here, i'm just reiterating the rules basically...
You dont have to keep the background color..i don't care if you do, but you can decorate it. Honestly that'd be a good idea.
You can change the gender of the other person, again, do what you want on your side.
Linking back is optional, but if ya like traditional, link back to me and credit everyone respectively
Take your time..this is stressed on. don't take only five seconds..unless you're that good
Anyone can join the collab
PLEASE remove the text, you don't need really dont. I just put it there to look nice.
Enjoy and have fun, have any questions regarding this or any more collabs ask me. C:
DO NOT ASK, just do it. Letting me know is fine.

Please note: i made this a while ago, so this was her earlier design.

Niya and collab © me
Base © TardInTehBases
Have fun!
Icon: Love Smile
Currently using for FurAffinity. "VashaMintyyy".

I possibly might make more of these with different characters and styles. It was fun to make. Just a random icon idea.

Not free to use. Please do no not use this icon. This is for my use only.
Waffuu and MackiePum by SapphireShoelacesXD
Waffuu and MackiePum
my babies..

I just felt like drawing them in the morning, so i drew them as being older like maybe mid teens or something like 18.
More of them should come soon.

Mackie Mackarooms and Waffle cakes Syrup belongs to me.
Art  made by me


SapphireShoelacesXD's Profile Picture
Vasha NiNi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Name: Aniya V.K ((at first glance for some people my name may sound like "Ah-nee-yah" buts it's really pronounced "Ah-Nai-yah". but i guess i got so use to the mispronunciation of my name for so many years, i let only few people say it wrong XD))

Age: young enough XD

Gender/Pronouns: Female. She/Hers

Race: Black American

Likes: Sonic the Hedgehog, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Pretty Notebooks and Folders, Art supplies, Being around or talking with Friends and Family, Rants/Ranting community, Autumn Leaves, Rain, Grey Clouds, Holiday Season, Hoodies and Sweaters, Jeans, Dark/dim colors, Sapphire birthstone, Orange Chicken and Chow mien, Teriyaki, Videogames, sitcoms, cartoons, Watching News, anime, being comfy, Sonic Boom, french fries, topic Markers, Lazy Doodles, Roleplaying, Animations, Crafting, Sleep, Trolls, Memes and more memes, Youtubers, Mountains, nightskies, the numbers 9 and 17, hairstyling, celeb gossip, and etc.

Dislikes: Ignorant Bitches, (Neo)Conservatives, Racists, Bigots, Evangelicals, viruses, living with my Anxiety, our hypocritical society, caking my face (make up), loud noises or sudden noises, mushrooms, people touching my drawings just to "see them", taking my food, unnecessary drama, arguing, those who pronounce meme "mee meee" or gif "JIF"..pls stop, the response "K", two faced people, medium rare steak, people telling me don't eat Mc Donalds food, American educational system (cause i want to ACTUALLY learn shit), bullies, being bullied (bad past), crying near people, silence, buffering, repeating myself, sweating, and etc.

Music Genres i Enjoy: Rap, Hip Hop ((both Mainstream and Underground)), Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Future Garage, Trip Hop, Experimental Instrumental, Some Trap, Indie Rock, Chillwave, Ambient, Lo-Fi, House, Funk, Jazz, Soft Rock, Techno, Trance, Nightcore, New Age, VG music (chiptune etc), and more.

Why Do I Draw: breh, cause i can. Lol but no, actually reasons have changed alot over time, it's something fun and enjoyable i love to do and i wish to expand in it more than i already do. For the longest, i draw to calm myself, relieving anger or sadness, or im literally just plain bored. I've been drawing pretty much forever, since a year old. Of course i just scribbled until my life was complete, but soon i started to work on my own original series and comics inspired off of like 6 different cartoons or even games (ex: i use to draw MegaMan ALOT, i guess you can say that was my first fandom XD). Sorta like what i do now from time to time. i was four one day, started Drawing Sonic the Hedgehog but after i played the game on my older brother's computer when he built one from scratch a while back.. watched the cartoons and everything, and kept drawing. My brother was also drawing at the time, and he helped me with some stuff (poses, anatomy, hands). But soon he ended his drawing era stage, but i continued mine. well as he put it once, "i stopped drawing for a while. She used to watch me draw. But when i stopped she continued going. She's even using a mouse now" i started drawing digitally at the age of 7, and my love and skills for drawing sky rocketed from there. People don't believe me, i don't blame them i don't believe myself sometimes. There are so many reasons i draw. I'll almost draw anything now. My next step is animation.

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